The Gravity Myth & How It Affects Your Posture

I often say that we use gravity like a fish uses water, we're completely evolved to use it to our advantage. Despite this, it seems the majority of people behave as if it's the enemy working against their posture. Without gravity you'd have no posture to concern yourself with in the first place.  Your posture/poise is defined by your relationship with gravity, and by changing how you relate to the idea of gravity you can find more ease in your poise and posture..


Most people think of gravity in the way that Isaac Newton first formulated it when that apple supposedly fell from a tree and hit him on the head (somewhat topically, this occurred in the middle of a pandemic!). It was an excellent theory at the time that allowed many accurate predictions to be made from it, but has been superseded in scientific theory for over 100 years by Albert Einstein's theory of General of Relativity, the public has just failed to catch up. In fairness that's because it's counterintuitive to our perceived experience.


Although the aim of this discussion isn't to understand  General Relativity in any detail, (and if you're going to dismiss Albert Einstein, which you are at liberty to do, can I at least ask to see your calculations?), can we use a thought experiment based on it to improve how you find support and ease for your posture/poise and use gravity to your advantage? 


Here's the video that that prompted mine that explains the relevant aspects of General Relativity as it applies to gravity:


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    Karen Loving (Tuesday, 10 November 2020 12:39)

    Hi Adrian
    I enjoyed your video. I didn’t see the link to the article you referred too. I would like to read it.
    Thank you

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    Adrian Farrell MSTAT (Tuesday, 10 November 2020 12:54)

    Hi Karen, thanks, the link is in the YouTube description, but it's probably a good idea if I add it directly to this blog as well